Something I Am Doing These Past 2 Weeks Is Causing a Drastic Decrease!

Discussion in 'Support' started by luckyman316, Sep 30, 2014.

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      And I'm not sure what it is! I'd say about a 40% decrease at this point and I feel like it keeps going down. So I'm going to list possible causes for the decrease:

      1.) I started to take Vitamin C at 1500mcg a day
      2.) I increased my Vitamin D levels to 20,000iu a day
      3.) I changed my Vitamin K-2 w/ MK4 and MK7 Supplement and started to take 2000mcg a day
      4.) I started to use a sonic care toothbrush and flosser specifically made by my dentist office (Not the same as the Phillips one)
      5.) I've been doing Yoga as well as specific neck and upper back stretches
      6.) I got rid of my night guard made by my dentist and started to use an OTC one
      7.) I'm still taking medicine for a Hep B chronic infection and it's almost undetectable
      8.) Walking almost every day during lunch breaks and when I get home from work (weather permitting)

      Anyway, there's light at the end of the tunnel and I see it! I need to keep up with this stuff. One day, this nasty bugger will go away! :)
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      Thank you, luckyman for the post. Gives us hope a year from onset. Keep doing what you are doing! Great news! :)
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      Noise-induced, Ear Infection, Medication... Who knows?
      you got rid of nightguard huh?? ive been thinking about this, but my jaw get stiffer and crunchier...
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      I need to get back on my vitamins. I was on them for months and noticed a difference. Came to Australia and forgot to get some as they are pricey here. Looking at 30 bucks.
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      Once i learned tinnitus is very likely to be a brain "thing" I realized that if I am going the handle this I need to take care of my brain. Walking seemed to be the cheapest and easiest solution. It has been know to increase BDNF levels, battle anxiety etc etc. It kind of put your brain in the best possible position to adapt....

      Revenge of the "sit"

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