SOS! Sharp Ear Fullness and Change in Tinnitus Frequency Does Not Seem to Go Away

Discussion in 'Support' started by IvanRus, Oct 8, 2018.

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      Probably, many of you are familiar with the feeling that, in addition to constant noise in the ear, suddenly there is a feeling of fullness, deafness, and the noise in the ear changes the frequency.

      This usually lasts a few seconds or a minute.

      But today it happened suddenly in the afternoon and has been going on for an hour.

      Has someone had that? Did it go away in the end?
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      Acoustic trauma (punk rock show)
      I had that 2 weeks ago. Just 'pop' and then everything what did you describe.
      Feeling of deafness and fullnes went away next day. Tinnitus is still different but since August I've got a very hard time and spikes after almost everything louder than 60-70dB. I think in your case should go away especially if you didn't do anything 'dangerous' before that.
      I had this 2-3 times before and always after couple of hours was ok.
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      I don't see any obvious triggers for what I'm experiencing.

      The only thing - I went to the bath 3 days ago, there I had dimmed eyes and there was a slight fullness of the ears from the heat. But that I also experienced before, even before tinnitus. The noise increased after the bath, but at the same frequency as a normal spike. Perhaps something to do with vessels.

      I started taking vitamins and betahistine for prevention.

      Apparently, I should not go to the bath.
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