Sound Enrichment Throughout the Home — Using Air Purifiers and White Noise Machines?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Poseidon65, Sep 9, 2020.

    1. Poseidon65

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      Hi folks,

      In the not too distant future, I will be moving from an apartment to a house.

      The apartment has wall units for heat and A/C. With these units running, the sound level in the rooms is around 40 or 45 dB (A weighted).

      The house on the other hand has central air. As a result, the rooms are much quieter, more like 30 dB or even 25 dB. As you can probably imagine, my tinnitus is *much* more noticeable in the house than in the apartment.

      In this case, would it be reasonable to try and increase the noise level in the house’s primary rooms. What I had in mind is say an air purifier in the living room, basement, and master bedroom, and maybe a white noise machine in the master bathroom, in order to create some extra noise.

      It seems like using white noise throughout the home isn’t normally recommended here. But on the other hand, is it actually productive to try and live in an absolute dead-quiet if I don’t actually have to? It seems like this would just make my life difficult for no good reason. Here I’ll mention that 90% of my issues with tinnitus are in the home, as it usually doesn’t bother me outside. And so if I can get comfortable in my home, I think I’ll be much happier overall.

      Any thoughts or experiences from the folks here? Thanks in advance for any comments you have.
    2. Kendra

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      I think it would be fine just make sure it isn’t to loud. I’ve thought about doing the same thing.
    3. Luman

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      I use a LectroFan, with the surf setting usually, the machine's headphone output plugged into a wooden Tivoli table radio for better quality audio than the plastic LectroFan has. With the sound machine, the room is about 50 to 55 dB's, as the sound goes up and down a bit with the surf sound. Love it, has no bad effect on my tinnitus, and I use it even when the tinnitus is not high. I sleep with another LecroFan in the bedroom, not plugged into an external radio speaker, but on a more steady, "fan" sound, not the variable surf sound.

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