Sounds Create Tones in My Ears

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by aldimeola, Aug 27, 2016.

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      Hi guys!
      I just wanted to know if anybody had a similar experience since no one seems to understand what i hear.

      My story starts in february 2016 when i first noticed that my left ear was ringing really loud for no obvious reason. At this moment i tought:" it will go away".
      and for the ten next days, sometimes i could hear it when was closing my ears, and sometimes not.
      but after, this period, i noticed that the sounds around me (like a fan or a fridge or music!) were sounding on the exact same pitch that my tinnitus (its an A flat hehe).
      from this moment i started to be very anxious and depressed. Im a musician and my ears are kind of precious!

      It's been like this for about four months. until i catch a bad cold that made my tinnitus go away. so when i was closing my ears, i was fine.
      but the pitch created by the sounds around me was still there so i still had the impression of hearing tinnitus, but there's no sound going when i was closing my ears.
      with time, some other weird feelings appeared, like when there's somebody talking in a echo place or somebody talking on television, i hear like another tone in my ear like if somebody was rubbing a piece of metal following the intensity of the speech... (i know it's hard to's even harder to describe!)

      Now my tinnitus got back a little bit but not as loud as it was in february. and i still have these weird hearing feelings that are ruining my listening of music.

      i would like to mention that i passed two hearing tests (one in march and one in june) and i have a little notch on my left ear at 14khz frequency. i was told that it was normal and that it was more of an asymmetry than a real hearing loss.

      Did somebody had something similar?
    2. volsung37

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      After my eardrum was punctured due to infection I noticed that when I listened to classical music, especially piano, the pitch would suddenly change randomly. It was the weirdest thing and quite disconcerting. This symptom disappeared after about 2 months and has not recurred.
    3. MrBonk

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      ETD/Insane sinus congestion/TMJ/mold allergy/dog bark??????
      The first few weeks of my T in my right ear, certain sounds like Rain playing through speakers would create a metallic esque distortion. It went away though. Never once has come back.
    4. AUTHOR

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      Thank for reply! For me it has not got away but i hope it Will at least get à bit less noticeable
    5. Ford

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      Loud concerts and Acoustic shock.
      My tinnitus reacts to sounds and the volume of sounds, so I do know something of what you're going through. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that it goes away and stays away.

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