Spasm from Yawns and Burps

Discussion in 'Support' started by Moosejacob, Oct 13, 2015.

    1. Moosejacob

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      I was wondering if anyone had experiences with a sort of inner ear twitch triggered by big yawns, holding in burps and sometimes stretching. These twitches don't really occur unless triggered by these actions. I've been to 3 ENTs and my ear appears fine.
      The twitch is sometimes fast and sometime slow and often twitch for hours on and off. Basically been having this for almost a month.
      Any help would be appreciated
      Thanks :)
    2. Weswhat

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      How is your jaw? Does it pop or click?
    3. AUTHOR

      Moosejacob Member

      There's no popping or clicking at all
    4. Blackbird26

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      It's common but an ENT won't be able to help..Try looking into TrP therapy. .you can do it yourself...May be a tight scm muscle..tmj related..
    5. RonT

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      4 months
      sounds exactly like my ear problem!
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    7. StephAtkings

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      I also get this, it just started one month ago !! It only ever happens during the day if I do not control my burps or if I hiccup. If I let out a burp then my ear can twitch all day long and it drives me crazy. It also happens during the night so I am not sure if this is linked to a burp during the night. Its driving me crazy. I have started taking Magnesium as I have heard this helps. I started the Magnesium yesterday and only heard my ear flutter once last night. I do not have any symptoms today. But I am pretty confident the fluttering will be back tomorrow morning. Going to my GP tonight to get advice. I am also waiting on an ENT appointment but not for fluttering ear drums...but might be worth while to bring it up. I am hoping it will fade away soon !

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