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Discussion in 'Support' started by Andrew hilton, Apr 19, 2016.

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      Afraid to say I am now reading these and other forums quite a bit again. Last year I remember sitting in my couch and pretty much not hearing my t and being quite happy. Fast forward to November and I got complacent and my t got bad again, it was pretty bad and high but seemed to settle down close to what it was before. It was pretty bad for a while, but I had a sick relative so was concentrating on that.

      In February I went out with work mates to a disco where I was wearing my ear plugs for about 60-70% of the night (was generally getting away with that before November no problem, didn't seem excessively loud, seems I was wrong)

      I am basically sort.of feeling like I am back at square one, it's on my mind constantly, it's super high so I can hear it over everything, not sleeping well and my social life, which was stressing me before has all but collapsed. I think half the problem is the isolation. It's also changing every day, running and cycling/cardio seem to aggravate it, but I'm.living with that. I went to a bar in march, and didn't seem that loud (been there before, no problems)

      My general question is, if I am careful with the plugs, how long should I give it before I start venturing into moderately loud places. The ear fullness is calming down, and it's now soft of settling into something that is only unbearable.

      I have been through this before, and at least half the time have faith it will eventually calm down, even if it does take a few years (please God quicker) but the main thing that is getting me right now is the isolation, I lost my mum in January.

      the whole reason I went on the bender In November is I was working too much and my social life and friend where slipping away, and it was a release of stress. Now now this has hit its 100 times worse (or it feels that way in my head) i havr completely isolated myself, and have anxiety meeting my friends as my head is screwrd with this.

      so I really want to get back out there, I need to think about something else and have fun again. So how long did other people leave it before venturing out again? I was going to wait until the three month mark.
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      Hey buddy hang in there . Try looking up jaw exercises on YouTube to make sure your tension isn't exacerbating the spike and keeping it around. It does work to relax you but I do these exercises daily to try help my T in the long-term.

      Keep trying to get the spike down by staying busy and keeping relaxation on the mind.
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      Noise induced - nightclub
      Hey Andrew, did your spike get better?

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