Spike Lasting for Almost Three Weeks — Do I Have Any Chances of Recovery?

Discussion in 'Support' started by IvanRus, May 25, 2018.

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      Hello everybody!

      About three weeks ago I had a scandal, on the same day in the evening - a big event. Namely, my smartphone in the dark suddenly fell on the iron cover. After that, I started spike.

      It has lasted for three weeks, although before that my longest spike lasted about 1 week, which immediately resolved after taking prednisolone.

      This time I did not dare to immediately take prednisolone, since I had an infection and I could weaken the immune system.

      I took Prednisolone only for 6 days from the beginning of the spike. I took 25mg x3 per day. But I did not feel any effect and stopped taking it. It started to worry me, the anxiety returned. Although it was not long ago. I took sedative tranquilizers.

      Also I have been taking magnesium + vitamins B6 and B12 for several days already.
      A few vasodilators - trental. And melatonin for the night.
      In the beginning, I also took NAC and did not feel the effect, in my opinion, it made it even worse.

      Now I have a package of prednisolone and I'm thinking of trying to take a big dose. What do you think? Can prednisolone itself harm the tinnitus?

      This is the third week of the spike. I'm curious, has someone had such a long spike, which still returned to the previous level?

      Any thoughts and comments.
      Thank you
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      Loud noise in 04/Wedding dance floor and flying? in 18
      Could last weeks. Could last many months. But from what I've read over and over again it seems like the odds are in your favor for it to subside at least a bit.
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      Has it varied at all? My spikes never persist and then suddenly drop down to baseline. For me, spikes very very slowly lose volume until I finally notice it ends back at baseline.

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