Spikes Lasting More Than 2 Weeks and Returning to Baseline? Anyone?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Bart, Mar 29, 2018.

    1. Bart

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      Anyone had spikes that lasted more than 2 weeks and returned to baseline?
    2. Kratos

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      October 2016
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      Noise exposure + Stress
      My longest spike was 3 weeks (extremely loud, as all my spikes) and it returned back to baseline.
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    3. Michael B
      No Mood

      Michael B Member Benefactor

      San Diego
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      Noise Induced
      Days, weeks and in some cases a month or two.
    4. Red

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      Northeast USA
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      Noise Exposure (Headphones)
      Yep. 2 weeks is pretty normal for me.
    5. Holly1987

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      So far I've had two major spikes.

      My longest was near the end of last year and it lasted 6 weeks. It was awful but thankfully returned to baseline.

      I also had a spike around 2 weeks ago and it started to reduce on Friday, it's now 50% gone.
    6. IvanRus

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      @Bart @Kratos @Holly1987


      Help me please, I'm almost in despair.

      I have a tinnitus for a year, but this year the tinnitus calmed down somewhat and I almost adapted to it. Could enjoy life sometimes. I drink antidepressant all this time.
      I've had spikes from stress / high-profile events. But usually it lasted 5 days, a maximum of 1.5 weeks.

      3 weeks ago I quarreled and experienced a big event - the smartphone fell in silence to the iron lid.

      Since then, I started a spike, I believed that it would pass as usual, drank NAC, vitamins. After 6 days, I started taking prednisolone at a dose of 25 mg. This did not work and I stopped.

      In general, the spike has been going on for almost three weeks. I hear it even on the street in windy weather. I started taking magnesium and once again prednisolone.
      I can not listen to music, I'm uncomfortable.

      Tell me, do I have any hope of returning to the previous level? I almost despaired, I do not understand why so ...

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