Staying Positive with Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by Michael Leigh, Dec 11, 2015.

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      Staying positive with tinnitus.

      Most of us know that tinnitus is not an easy condition to cope with when it’s severe and intrusive. Although some people manage to maintain a positive outlook on life, when their tinnitus is particularly troublesome, it can be difficult to stop those negative thoughts creeping into the mind and putting a dampener on the belief that a corner, has been turned and there will be no going back.

      I want to try and reassure you that there’s nothing wrong with feeling negative about your tinnitus, for even the most positive thinking amongst us will be adversely affected by tinnitus now and again. The thing to do, is not to let it take hold for too long. Allow yourself a moment to bask in the realm of negativity and let those thoughts wash over you and then calmly tell them to push off. You are not going to allow all that you’ve worked towards, slip away from you.

      By focusing on the positive things in or life, no matter how small will help us through the difficult times with our tinnitus and restore balance and order in our life.

      I often go out for an early morning walk. A couple of weeks ago on the return home, on the opposite side of the street, I noticed a young man of approximately 20 years of age, walking with one arm stretched out in front of him and his hand was feeling its way as if he were in complete darkness. This drew my attention but parked cars obstructed my view until all became clear. In his other hand he held a leash attached to a guide dog walking beside him.

      I wanted to go over and offer some assistance but remembered that some people might get offended - such a thing happened to my late father, when he offered to help a visually impaired person and was rebuffed quite severely. However, I watched for a while just to make sure this person was all right and then continued on my way home.


      This post is a follow-up to: Positivity and tinnitus
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      Life is so precious and never give in to Tinnitus as you will find away to enjoy life again.
      We all have our own tinnitus journey to follow and its a better journey if we can find things we like doing being with loved ones , having understanding family and friends and forum friends who know we need to go at our own pace at times when life seems tough.
      Keep filling your life with all good things and don't let tinnitus take away your smile and laughter.
      By the way,my dear friend Michael has a wonderful laugh too....lots of love glynis
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