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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by DBeeUK, May 2, 2014.

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      Hi all, I have endured tinnitus for exactly one year but feeling a lot better. It started at the same time as an ear infection and remained with me once it cleared. I dont know if it has lessened or I am just getting used to it but I now live a normal life again. The first two months were the scariest of my life with bouts of panic, upset and anxiety. Its still with me (I can hear the whistle as I type) but I now find I can forget about it in big chunks by staying busy and focusing on the more important things in life such as family and work. Like the early days I scoured the net for positive answers but all I found was negativity and scary stories. These success stories are invaluable as ultimately for the majority time does heal. Stay with it if you are blighted by will overcome it and get back to your old self.

      As another positive I found cycling a great way of getting out in the fresh air and forgetting about tinnitus. The wind in your ears is a great masker!

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      Welcome!! Glad you are doing better and its only your first year with T! How loud is your T? And yes if my T ever hits
      Rock bottom, I think I would become a sailer or something lol
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      Hi Grace...Its hard to judge how loud it is compared with others. Its a high pitch 'interference sound' that seems to have settled predominantly in my left ear. (Im sure it was in stereo for the first few months!). In a busy environment it tends to be masked but as soon as entering a quiet space...bang..there it is. Had hearing tests etc and examinations by ENT specialist and all was ok so I have no idea why/how it stuck with me.
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      :welcomesignanimation: Hey DBee, welcome and "Happy Anniversary":wacky:!! So glad to hear you are doing well and living your life despite your T (tinnitus)!! Stoked you have found cycling to be a activity that brings you fulfillment and helps you deal with your T! It is so important that all of us with T engage in things that bring us joy/happiness and are healthy for us physically and psychologically. Really appreciate you sharing your story here on TT :)

      I wish you continued success/peace with your T, and keep on riding and claiming victory over your T!! (y)

      Best to ya!!
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      Cheers Jeff.....onwards and upwards eh

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