Stress-Related Tinnitus — Life Partner Passed Away, Tinnitus Came Back with a Vengeance

Discussion in 'Support' started by Chief Dingaling, Mar 30, 2019.

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      FYI, I’ve had tinnitus since 1996. Was terrible in beginning but eventually learned to live with it.

      Earlier this month my life partner of 55 years passed away. Two weeks later tinnitus came back with a vengeance. My belief is that the more stress, the more tinnitus. I was divorced in 1997 but continued to live with him. Massive stress. For me, reducing stress will lead to lower volumes again.
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      Noise Exposure
      I continuously look for any kind if distraction. It is distractions that relieve my stress. I've had numerous stressful events over the past several years, which always raised my volume level. But anytime I've been able to distract myself from whatever the stress was, my tinnitus volume went down.
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      Around 2008/spiked Dec 2018
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      2008 sound/ 2018 Meds made the volume several times worse
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      October 2017
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      I'm so sorry for your loss. Must be such a stressful time, and bound to affect your Tinnitus. Take your time to feel better and the Tinnitus will take care of itself.

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