Stress-Related Tinnitus Spike — Positive Suggestions for Coping Appreciated

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by jemaco5, Apr 9, 2021.

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      Hello all,

      I've had tinnitus for most of my life that I can remember. But it has been mostly dormant and ignorable.

      Late March I was triggered by an article I read about COVID-19 and tinnitus.

      It resurrected my tinnitus and sent me into a tailspin of fear, anxiety and obsession.

      I've had high stress the last 9 months and constant teeth clenching. I had to have dental work done because of it.

      I have an appt with an ENT although I expect no solutions.

      This spike business is a new experience for me, well one lasting longer than an hour or so.

      I know it's individual but has anybody experienced a stress-related episode/spike?

      Trying to stay positive. Any positive suggestions for coping is appreciated.
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    2. Ken219

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      Noise exposure?
      @jemaco5, hi, sorry your tinnitus got worse. I can tell you from experience stress exacerbates tinnitus. Sometimes it is hard to avoid. I can tell you from my experience the tinnitus should go back to an acceptable baseline. It may take months. Mine usually takes 12-18 months of hell. Praying for better treatments or cure. I don't have to tell you but avoid loud noises!

      G-b bless.

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    3. racedy

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      Ear infection and possibly noise over time
      @jemaco5, stress also makes mine worse, but it goes back down eventually. I would not dwell on it, or even linger on this forum (unless you're searching for something specific or reading the Success Stories) -- I have found that if I focus on tinnitus related things, I notice mine a lot more. For instance, I didn't notice mine the entire day until around 6:30pm when I was on my computer and realized I had left Tinnitus Talk open in my browser... and then I thought, hey, my tinnitus went down quite a bit... and just like that, it started raging again. So don't panic and it should eventually go back down and you will likely forget about it again :)
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    4. AUTHOR

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      Thanks both of you for your encouraging words! I will try hard to stay off this forum as I think it does make it worse.

      Blessings to you both!
    5. Mrb

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      Hi and sorry to read about your spike. I know where you are coming from as I suffered from anxiety induced spikes also and just being on this site ups my anxiety level multitudes and thats why I havent been on here for years. I did read your post tho and just wanted to say that what helped me to no end was a drug for anxiety called Clonazapan. Think that is close to the spelling as I havent taken it in years.

      My ENT gave me Xanax for my panick attacks when I first got Tinnitus 5 years ago but he failed to mention it may make the problem worse. When I first took it it actually made the noise go away for about 8 hours but then it came back worse than it was so I would take another one and no noise for 8 hours then worse again. Needless to say my anxiety was through the roof.

      I then read about another anxiety medication called Clonazapan and got my General Practitioner to give me a prescription. This drug worked miracles for me and noise was gone all day and night with taking pill twice a day. When noise returned it was same volume as before but I started taking drug twice a day for around a year and then lowered dosage each week till I actually have not taken the drug for 3 years and my noise mostly stays away. Comes back for a limited amount of time (anywhere from minutes to the longest a month) then goes away on its own.

      Have no idea why this happened or what caused mine in first place but this drug changed my life. I know it does not work for everyone and Im not suggesting anyone do the same as me but I am just saying what worked for me.

      Good luck to you and God Bless
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    6. Megatron

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      Noise, Stress
      Hi Ken,

      I have read a lot of your good comments through the years.

      I had one big spike in 2015 due to stress I think. It lasted for 6/9 month or so. Went back to baseline.

      When you write that you have had 3 setbacks - did you get new tones or “just” louder tinnitus sounds?

      I am back in a terrible state (have been for 2 months) due to stress again I believe.
      It is like the tinnitus has morphed into a whole new form and sound - very unstable and disturbing.

      Best regards,
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    7. Dirtworks

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      Possibly loud power tools
      Stress and anxiety seem to make my tinnitus spike as well. I now take 10 mg of Escitalopram every evening (started with 5 mg) and I think it may be helping.

      I'm also trying to exercise and eat healthier. Just spoke to another ENT yesterday and he’s very confident based on my hearing test that it’s due to my age (57) and exposure to loud noise.

      6-7 months since major spike which I thought was the end. Much more tolerable last couple of months. Phew... wishing you all the best.

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