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      Ive been to an ENT &had a MRI & hearing test i go back next wk for the results . How do people cope in social gatherings? Im having trouble 1 on 1 hearing Thank you im new here and even having trouble putting how im feeling into words.Terribly feeling like im trapped in my head with this tinnitus
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      A loud Concert - Noise Exposure
      hi Lynette, welcome to the forums.
      I am also a new sufferer of T, but have found this forum to be a lifesaver! So many wonderful posts and hope amongst this community it gives me a better state of mind.

      Stress and anxiety tend to increase ones T.
      As I have noticed and many say. A way to cope is distraction.
      And even I have found distraction is one of the keys. Keeping your mind busy and off T is essential.

      I know it's hard but the quicker you can reduce these. The better you will feel.

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