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      Hi, stumbled upon this new theory I had never heard of before and just wanted to share. Slightly related to myself as I've had gastrointestinal problem/GERD for years before I had tinnitus and wonder if there's actually a link?

      IBD patients release a chemical called substance P – an inflammatory molecule.
      Substance P has been linked to inner ear problems, including the auditory irritation called tinnitus, and a history of disease in the gut and an established stress response can lead to a programming of the inner ear and manifest via activation of the delicate nerves as the sounds described as tinnitus.

      Evidence suggests that capsaicin-sensitive substance P (SP)-containing trigeminal ganglion neurons innervate the spiral modiolar artery (SMA), radiating arterioles, and the stria vascularis of the cochlea. Antidromic electrical or chemical stimulation of trigeminal sensory nerves results in neurogenic plasma extravasation in inner ear tissues. The primary aim of this study was to reveal the possible morphological basis of cochlear vascular changes mediated by capsaicin-sensitive sensory nerves. Therefore, the distribution of SP and capsaicin receptor (transient receptor potential vanilloid type 1-TRPV1) was investigated by double immunolabeling to demonstrate the anatomical relationships between the cochlear and vertebro-basilar blood vessels and the trigeminal sensory fiber system.
      Extensive TRPV1 and SP expression and co-localization were observed in axons within the adventitial layer of the basilar artery, the anterior inferior cerebellar artery, the SMA, and the radiating arterioles of the cochlea. There appears to be a functional relationship between the trigeminal ganglion and the cochlear blood vessels since electrical stimulation of the trigeminal ganglion induced significant plasma extravasation from the SMA and the radiating arterioles.
      The findings suggest that stimulation of paravascular afferent nerves may result in permeability changes in the basilar and cochlear vascular bed and may contribute to the mechanisms of vertebro-basilar type of headache through the release of SP and stimulation of TPVR1, respectively. We propose that vertigo, tinnitus, and hearing deficits associated with migraine may arise from perturbations of capsaicin-sensitive trigeminal sensory ganglion neurons projecting to the cochlea.
      Taken from below url,
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      Very curious indeed! I have suffered from eosinophilic esophagitis for years. I wonder if I release Substance P as well. Thanks for posting, -G.
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      acoustic trauma
      There are so many scientific terms in this article that I feel like reading an unknown language! :)

      interesting nonetheless ... I also have a gutt ;) feeling that my tinnitus is realted to my intestines and maybe candida ... so i`m gonna do a 3 months juice fast starting with frutis and ending with only vegetables ... after that I hope to live on green tea and rice for a long period of time (maybe another 3 months) ... this will clear up alot of inflamation and balance out the acid - base state of the body .. hopefully resulting in some kind of change of T awareness!
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      Sounds like good plan :)
      Try brown rice, it has help eliminated my GERD problems.
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      Interesting... I've had intestine problems for many years prior to tinnitus (mild colonic ulceritis).

      Rather ironically they seemed to clear up after the tinnitus started as I totally cut-out coffee and most of my tea consumption and removed most of the stress from my life. The Ginko I took at the start of the tinnitus didn't do much good for my colon but since I stopped taking it the symptoms I had have pretty much vanished.

      Perhaps the tinnitus saved me from future colon cancer?

      Sadly fixing the colon problems doesn't seem to have reversed the tinnitus yet...
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      Same here... well tinnitus is actually term as angel's sound due to it always made it's sufferer to stop all their bad habits and improved physical health but... on the mental health :whistle:
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      I have tinnitus, Eustachian Tube Dysfunction and LPRD, the acid reflux that affects your throat and vocal cords. I can't sing high notes anymore like I used to . I have been taking Prilosec for years but hasn't helped. I read something from a voice teacher with the same reflux problem who said Protonix helped where Prilosec did not. I'm going to get a prescription for it and see if it helps.
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      lol true.. i didn't take care of myself before i noticed tinnitus and now i don't listen to loud music, am taking like 10 supplements and became a vegetarian.. also haven't consumed alcohol, tobacco, cannabis..for a while now. The tinnitus has somewhat decreased but it's still there in my head no matter what =[
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      the problem with priolsec and all the other acid drugs is that when you suppress your body's acid production for an extended period of time, your stomach just starts producing more acid to overcome that. Plus, having an abnormally high stomach pH really isn't good, it messes with your ability to digest things and especially calcium -- there are some scary studies showing that people on acid-reducers long term are more likely to have serious bone problems.

      Oddly, the thing which has helped my GERD go away, is taking apple cider vinegar 1 tbsp in water 2x day. Any time my reflux acts up, I do that for a couple weeks and, poof, problem gone.
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      hyperacusis primarily - unknown
      Hi guys,
      hope all of you are doing well
      i found only one thread on this forum relating to substance P - its a shame - I believe that substance P could play a HUGE role in hyperacusis tinnitus and other ailments for sure. And the connection to TML is that a bad bite - or TMJ problems - cause stress to the trigeminal nerve and lead to elevated amounts of substance P which can cause inflammation and lots of other crap - leading to hypersensitivity. I dont really understand all of this- not half of it really, but I think there is something key here that we are missing.
      there is a genius doctor in the bay area called Dr. Dwight Jennings- he is the first person i saw talking about this link between substance p the TMJ and ear problems.
      you can take a look at this interview - his only interview on the web -

      also listen to 30 seconds starting at 53:25 on this youtube from the same interview -

      Podcast #182 - Dr. Dwight Jennings: A Live...

      you can also read the whole thing because there is a transcript - just look up the word tinnitus.
      It seems that the procedure he gives is one lever higher than most other doctors - most of them are not aware of all of the above.
      has anyone heard about him? I would totally visit him if I could but I live on the other part of the planet - and the procedure he offers requiers a number of visits.

      Take a look - its really short - on this blogpost by Jennings

      I have alot more to say about substance P and all of this but i dont wanna make this too long - so I will wait for some responses and will continue later

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