In Loving Memory of Brian Jordan Pariente (Brian P)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Tinnitus Talk, Apr 8, 2022.

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      I had to revisit this thread because for some reason I couldn't stop thinking about Brian today. I understand the way tinnitus chips away at you until all that is left is pain, and you don't want to stick it out for another second. I think all of us here do. And yet, it doesn't make it any easier or less devastating to have somebody who has been sharing your pain and accompanied you on your life journey for a little while disappears from your life forever.

      Be at peace, Brian, your quick mouth and challenging and unapologetic comments here on Tinnitus Talk are still being missed!
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    2. Jon R.

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      Oh no this is awful. I only just found out. Back in late 2021 we had long private chats on here as we both got Pfizer vaccinations and our existing tinnitus was made 100x worse 36 hours after the shot, so we were very similar, both saying how we couldn't live like this.

      I tried to stay away from the forum for a while as my dad was terminal and dying and I had to take care of him. My dad has now sadly passed and I am again on here looking for help and saw this post.

      So terrible, poor guy, I wish I had come back on early 2022 as his last posts to me were in December 2021 and I could have stayed chatting with him to see how he was, I didn't realise he would take his life and so soon as we were both talking about how we were going to try things to see if they helped. When I came back on briefly in June 2022, I didn't even see this post. In December 2021 he was asking me if I had had any luck yet. I wish I had kept the conversations going, damn it.
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      Don't blame yourself for what happened, it's not your fault and it likely wouldn't have changed anything even if you had stuck around to talk. We all have our breaking point with this condition and when you get there, it's done.
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