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Discussion in 'Support' started by Ishank, Jun 3, 2014.

    1. Ishank

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      Do you know a person, or ever heard a real story of successful recovery from noise-induced tinnitus. Please share it.

    2. Grace
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      Success stories are people who habuitate to there T. Noise induced, drug induced, etc all equals to T and all kinds are able to successfully habuitate too :) If someone with drug induced habuitated, then someone with noise induced can also habuitate cause its all noises in the end ofcorse some are louder then others but be strong and youl get there!

      Oh and if you meant like actually
      Cured then im sure there out there, miracles happen all the time.
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    3. mick1987
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      Acoustic Trauma
      What grace said. ^^^
    4. OnceUponaTime

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      My sister had T for 3 long years. She went on a 40 day fasting of only small amounts of fruits and veggies with a little chicken and fish.. I think. ( I can ask her more about it). In the process she lost a lot of weigh I mean a lot and her T was gone. Cured. She went to many doctors and had MRI done and all just like many of us here and no help. She was taking Ginko and other supplements but didn't help her much. She actually went on a diet with a group of people from her church (not to get rid of T but it was more of a spiritual thing) and her T is gone.... She gives God all the glory for her cure and feels her body needed to heal itself and relax. She thinks her T was stress related. The noise she had was that of a motor of a car when its "on" but parked... like a hum? Is the best she can explain. She was sleeping and in the middle of the night she woke up with the noise... she thought it was a car outside her house and so she woke up her husband to go and check it out. There was no car outside. It was her ears humming, buzzing...ugh. Anyways.... she is one with a complete success story. I have contemplated the idea of fasting but I weigh only 95lbs and I cannot afford to loose an for me I cant go that route right now. Hope this gives hope to someone out there...
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    5. Dustydom

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      Well it happens, many get temporary tinnitus after a going to a gig. How often it happens is probably under reported. People don't go thier ENT to report they are cured or jump online on a tinnitus forum to tell people about it.

      However if you hold this as your goal, you are more likley to be dissapointed with every day it is here. However if you make your goal habituation, every passing day can bring you closer to that goal. If your tinnitus dissapears on the way to your goal by itself, well that's just great.
    6. valeri

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    7. Manuel Tissm

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      Acoustic trauma
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    8. I who love music

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      mid seventies
      I've successfully habituated.
      Loud music got me decades ago.
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    9. Sean

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      Isshank * in most cases volume of T goes down to a very low level.
      but once your ears are damaged you must not expose them to loud noises ..loud bars ,movie theater ,fire crackers etc .
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