Success Story — Tinnitus from Gunshot Noise

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Tom 2020, Mar 20, 2022.

    1. Tom 2020

      Tom 2020 Member

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      Shotgun Noise
      I have some good news. On June 28, 2020, I did not have a chance to put on my ear protection when someone shot off two rounds of a 12 gauge shotgun 5 feet from me. Now it is almost two years later, and my ears are 80 to 90% back to normal.

      The first 6 months were terrible. After 1 year there was great improvement. Now almost two years out, I am much better.

      The key is to always carry little ear bud protection in your pocket. When I go to concerts or loud bars, I protect my hearing.

      I found that the best small ear plugs to carry in my car and pocket are EarDial HiFi earplugs. Amazon has that brand and similar cheaper ones. Feel free to ask me any questions.

      For anyone with tinnitus from gunshots, the most important thing is to remain positive, knowing that within 2 years you will probably feel 80% to 90% back to normal.
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    2. Samy

      Samy Member Benefactor

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      Acoustic trauma
      So good to hear your story, thanks for sharing! Did you have any hyperacusis? On a scale 0 to 10, how is your tinnitus now?
    3. dd314

      dd314 Member

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      Acoustic Trauma + stress?
      That's great news. Did you have any exposure to loud noise or setbacks along the way?
    4. Jason Ranovik

      Jason Ranovik Member

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      I'm really glad to hear this, because I've been on a similar trajectory (although a different cause) and I'm happy to hear that there's a chance the improvement continues.

      First 6 months was hell, now at the 11-month mark it's notably improved (annoying, instead of debilitating), and I'm hoping it continues to improve over the next year like yours did. The doctor says there's no hearing loss or other damage, so nothing "irreversible" in that sense. Hopes are high!
    5. ZackColorado

      ZackColorado Member

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      May 2021
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      Good to hear Tom. I’m 10 months in from an AR going off with only one round inside a range, no ear protection. I was inside so the decibels were very high compared to outside. Doing all I can to prevent any noise pollution, carry earplugs at all times. And eat and drink very well. No inflammatory foods at all.

      How are you doing now, @Tom 2020?
    6. John Joseph

      John Joseph Member

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      Acoustic Trauma
      Glad to hear it. Did you have any hearing loss at all or just the tinnitus?
    7. Cory_

      Cory_ Member Benefactor

      Geelong, VIC, AU
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      Noise / TMJ / Paracetamol / Alcohol / COVID vax / VSS / ????
    8. CW Dragon

      CW Dragon Member Benefactor

      Midwest USA
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      Impulse Noise
      Hi Tom - I want to say this is a huge inspiration to me. Thanks for posting your story regarding the shotgun blast. And yes, the first 6 months are/will be brutal for me (2023 can't come soon enough!), this gives me serious hope since I also had an impulse noise from a little closer but probably lower decibel level.
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    9. Ziekfelt2

      Ziekfelt2 Member

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      Acoustic trauma
      @Tom 2020, how are you now? I fired a single 12 gauge shotgun shot without hearing protection (big mistake) and both of my ears were ringing like crazy for 1 second. After that, my left ear was never the same. I constantly have tinnitus (hissing and crackling; when I wake up it is the worst).

      I'm three months out and I'm wondering if I'll ever improve. It has been so stressful.
    10. jjflyman

      jjflyman Member

      Michigan, USA
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      noise (Concert)
      3 months is not enough time. Most acoustic trauma induced tinnitus takes 12-24 months to fade away. Hang in there, it will get better.
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