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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Starlord, Sep 23, 2016.

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    1. Starlord

      Starlord Member

      St. Petersburg, Florida
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      Noise induced
      So I've been struggling for 7 months now with noise induced tinnitus and it has really gotten me down. However, yesterday my mother came home from work and told me she had something to tell me. My mother is a CNA and at work one of the elderly ladies asked how I was doing and what I was up to. She told her that I have been struggling with T for a couple months now. That's when a coworker, that she was training, overheard and said that he also HAD it years ago. He told my mom that it was from numerous concerts that he would go to and he would be front and center by the stage. He said that he tried his best to ignore it for those initial months and relax. After about a year (plus maybe a few months) he noticed that it was GONE. He is now in his early 40s and hasn't had T for a couple years now. He does make sure to protect his ears now.

      When she told me that story it was just that little bit that was needed to give me relief from my anxiety and depression and instill hope in me again. And thats all that mattered.

      Now please don't start attacking me with questions like how loud was his T or etcetera. I don't know. Does it really matter? No. The point is it stopped. So be happy about that and have hope!
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    2. Starlord

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      St. Petersburg, Florida
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      Noise induced
      "No matter how the wind howls, the mountain cannot bow to it." - Quote from Mulan
      This quote always gives me inspiration.
    3. Vinnitus

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      Living (noise)
      I want to believe this. Actually Tinnitus went away for me before as well. What exactly happened for it to go away? I have no clue, but my noise-induced Tinnitus went away after 2.5/3 months back in 2010. It was induced by a piece of fireworks in a tunnel. Someone threw it at me while I was passing by minding my own business, and BAM, there you go. You have Tinnitus. That's how terribly easy it is to acquire this condition. What followed was a downward spiral into misery for months, you wouldn't wish upon your worst enemy... Because of one single piece of fireworks...

      But it went away completely... Not just "habituated-away", but really gone. No sign of it when plugging the ears. I considered myself extremely lucky back then. For 6 years I was Tinnitus-free. It never returned, not even during sickness or stressful times. That was until last April 28th after a (spontaneous) concert. I'm marking my 5th month this September 28th...

      I wonder what happens to people where it goes away after such a long time. Ears do not heal, is the belief currently held by most. I tend to believe that as well, but what do we REALLY know? Maybe something else must be at play here.
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    4. Bobby B

      Bobby B Member Benefactor

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      long term NIHL and recent acoustic trauma
      Happened to me as well once before
      T gone after 2 weeks one morning
      I guess once it's gets so low the brain can just switch it off
    5. Mike TerMaaten

      Mike TerMaaten Member Benefactor

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      April 20, 2013
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      2013 GMC Sierra pickup truck
      Awsome report Vinnitus.

      I had given myself minor ear damage from Car-audio type Bass Speakers ( horrible damaging type Voice Coils ). This was when i was 17-18 (age ).

      Didn't hear it again until in my early 30s ..when i spent too much time near a 15" Subwoofer.

      For QUITE a long time didn't hear this 'damage'.

      Last year ( not knowing the result yet ) spent about $1,000 getting a bad-ass home audio subwoofer set-up in my place. After the first night, realized what it does to my Ears. MY EARS CAN'T TAKE IT ! ..Spent toooo much time with Subs in my Trucks when i was young.

      Likewise with you......... You should not have gone to that Concert.

      Those with Noise-Induced or Audio Speaker/ Pro Audio Speaker induced Ear Damage.........
      will have to spend the rest of their lives avoiding these type of Audio-Intense / Speaker-Intense environments ( if they don't want Ear Ringing )

      Tinnitus is the Ear Damage that has been caused. You can overcome the Injury allowing enough time for your Ears to recover ( heal ). ( and This will only occur if you do not subject them to the same Stimulus that caused the damage in the first place )

      These are SCARS on our ears that will be there forever. We have to try to not aggravate them..... ( if we want quietness )
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    6. Kazue

      Kazue Member

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      Damn, I have to give up my subwoofers too? Aw man...those things are the best.
    7. DefNFlaky

      DefNFlaky Member

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      Acoustic Trauma
      Don't think you need to get rid of them. Mine never goes above 60 db on the meter and still hear the rumbles. Also hooked a DRC to keep the real loud noise away like gunshots and deep bass.
    8. John Meyers

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      Chicago, IL
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      AC/DC Concert
      For me, it was very high pitch decibels from multiple guitar solos at just one concert. -- I remember the burning feeling in my right ear but never occurred to me that I was setting up T in my ear.

      1 year and 2 months later, no change in noise level but not as freaked out about it but sure would love to wake up some day and have no T.

      Hopefully, mom is right! :)
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