Sudden Hearing Distortion Out of Nowhere — TMJ?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Blodorn, Nov 27, 2019.

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      Hi everyone!

      It's been a while!

      I come back here because I need help again.
      Something really weird is happening actually.

      So it's been almost 6 month I've had tinnitus, but it's not my concern anymore, I live with it.
      Also, I want to say that I did not experience acoustic trauma, I don't have hearing loss, but my ENT said I have mild hyperacusis, I hear noises louder but it does not hurt me.

      I have jaw pain in my right side close to my ear and the only way to get relief is to push my jaw forward to make a *click* that stops the pressure/pain sensation.

      However, yesterday when I did that as I always do (10-30 times a day), a distortion appeared when I pushed my jaw forward. Only (mostly?) in my right ear.

      I hear two pure tones (400 Hz and 600 Hz) and it occurs when I am near low frequency noise (fridge, Computer, deep voice, some music).
      My dentist said I have a malocclusion but I don't know if it can trigger TMJ.

      Is it possible that these distortions are jaw related? It really appeared out of nowhere, I was sitting in silence, pushing my jaw forward.

      Thank you for your help! And sorry for my English.
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    2. AlbertJ

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      Otitis Media

      Hi, @Blodorn!

      About two weeks ago, I noticed this some sort of distortion over some environmental sounds:

      Running water - low tone
      Fan - low siren-like tone
      AC - low siren-like tone
      Car Engine - whistling
      Some music/TV - distorted tone at times
      Computers - low tone and some rumbling noise
      Loud vibrating noise - Siren-like

      I developed a high-pitched T last December when I had fluid in my left year due to ETD. The first few months were hell but I think I am habituating. My T loudness dropped from 5-8 to 1-3. I had H but subsided few weeks after my T onset.

      Just was I thought my T loudness seems to be going down, this strange sound distortion (low tone rumbling, whistling) came. Reading through posts here on the forum, it looks like it is called "dysacusis", which seems come after habituation kicks in!

      Last August, I started hearing clicks when I chew on my left jaw. It seems I have TMD, which might also be contributing to the dysacusis. I also have ETD, talk about co-morbidities.

      It looks like T/H/D are three symptoms of a compromised hearing system.

      Warm regards,
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    3. mylesm

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      I remember you saying you had the distortions previously. Beeping over fans etc if I remember correctly. Are these distortions similar? Did the previous ones go away?
    4. Phat Tuna

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      I have the same sounds occurring. I have no idea about TMJ, but mine seemed to come alongside hyperacusis. And their intensity seem to be directly related as they fluctuate concurrently together.
    5. Juan

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      Several causes
      Really, it could be anything, it could be related to the jaw problems, or to the T reacting to certain sounds (it is quite typical that it reacts to sounds similar to white noise, like fans etc), or just one of the symptoms of hyperacusis.

      Go check your jaw at a doctor specialized in TMJ.

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