Sudden Hearing Loss with Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Daniel Mix, Feb 8, 2016.

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      I am 39. Pretty healthy and I have never really had issues with my hearing. One week ago I woke up with sudden hearing loss. It felt like I just slept on the left side of my head strange and my ear was plugged. But it didn't go away. The next day the tinnitus high pitched ringing with a little fuzz started. I saw the doctor that day who diagnosed it and quickly put me on a 10 day regimen of Prednisone (60mg/day). I saw a specialist on Friday who tested my hearing. Right ear was normal, left ear was 35% only hearing low tones.

      The prednisone really really really sucks for a number of reasons no one really wants to know about. The specialist is getting me off it because he tells me its not that effective. I am really hoping the hearing returns. But that I think I can deal with.

      It's the ringing...... It is just debilitating. I don't know how people deal with it. I don't know how I am going to deal with it. Being in a room full of people, or a large store like Home Depot is really tough. The distortion I hear with the ambient sound of the store. It's hard to hear people talking to me at all unless I am directly paying attention to them. Ugh.

      I know there is no clear relief or answer. I just wanted to reach out and see what others have done and see if anyone had any advice.

      Thanks for your time
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      Probably headphones
      Hang in there. The beginning is always horrible, but it can and typically does get better. You can help this process A LOT by trying not to give a fu** -> your brain doesn't learn to associate the sound to panic and distress.
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      Sudden profound hearing loss in left ear.
      Hi Daniel,
      I had sudden hearing loss in left ear too, a couple of years ago. Mine is permanent but too early to know if you will regain some hearing. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you.
      I had difficulty with large stores at first. I wore earplugs and sounds seemed distorted and so loud! Now, I can be in these stores with no plug and no problems. I do have to pay closer attention to people in order to communicate in loud stores and similar venues. I have to rely on more visual signals but I get better at this as time rolls along.
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    4. Zorro!

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      Prednisone sucks donkey balls. I'm allergic to the stuff. Wish I wasn't because I believe my auditory nerves are inflamed right now. My lousy ENT just shrugs and tells me to take Aleve for the pain. Gotta love it. :rolleyes:

      At any rate, hang in there Daniel. It will take a few months but eventually you'll find your way.
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      barotrauma, noise exposure, TMD? ETD?
      Is it too late to have a dexamethasone injection into your middle ear?
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      This happened to me 4 years ago. Instant complete deafness in my right ear.
      Had the steroids, not sure if they made a difference. Had the MRI, I had a blood clot, so I know what caused my tinnitus, which followed pretty soon after the episode. I have got some hearing back, it's distorted, and I have hearing aids. I can cope with the hearing loss, it's the T gives me some grief. It's not JUST a a noise, that too is manageable, even though it very loud! It's the strange feeling in the ear, I guess fullness, balance issues and a general feeling of feeling slightly "off". Hard to describe.

      I don't give up, and nowadays sometimes I have a good ear day, and this weekend I actually had two in a row!! It's not that I was ignoring it, it's that I listened and it was quieter! Now, it's back today after a car journey, with a vengeance, but I'm hopeful that I may have more quieter (let's face it, it's NEVER actually quiet), days. When it comes back as it has today, it's like a sledge hammer hitting the senses, but I'll get there, and so will you... Good luck!

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