Suffered for Nearly Twenty Years

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      Hi, I am a first time contributor and have just been introduced to this page. I have had T for many years and have suffered anxiety, panic attacks, emotional instability, anger and rage along with my considerable efforts to try and understand this problem. I could only dream of waking up in the morning free from this noise. I know that if I was free from this I would be a totally different person. I have tried everything I could get my hands on for treatment and spent a considerable amount of money which I could ill afford in my quest for healing. I have had a lot of dental work, chiropractic osteopath, acupuncture, you name it I have had it all and I am nearly at my end of coping. Other than this, I try to remain positive and live out my day as best as I can, I still do lots of activities which I enjoy and help me get through. I would love NOT to have this problem. I don't know what to expect from this post but I am putting this in in case someone has an idea which may be helpful. I have also had a long history of neck and chronic shoulder pain which I now think may have a bearing on my condition. Thank you , Shirley
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      My general advice is to get a "proper" diagnosis. By that I mean finding place where they will perform an extended hearing test (which measures beyond 8 kHz). Most (+90%) of tinnitus cases are related to inner ear disfunction. But this remains undetected because audiologists are only concerned with the speech frequencies (0 - 8 kHz). And so what often happens is that the ENT will tell the person that his/her hearing is normal, when in fact the person has hearing loss at the higher frequencies (leading the patient to assume that the culprit is TMJ or neck-related).

      Inner ear problems can be partially or fully treated by laser therapy. While laser therapy will always bring about improved hearing (when done in a clinical setting with proper lasers), there is no guarentee that this will have an effect on a person's tinnitus (even if inner ear related). Some benefit, others don't.
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      acoustic trauma
      Kia ora Shirley, nice to have you around ... there is a lot of things buzzing around a cure these last years. This is definitely the place where you will now first. Although it still will take a while, they are on the right track of understanding this thing. I see you live in New-Zealand, I met a lot of kiwis when I was working is Australia ... great guys and woman ... loved to listen to reggae with them and enjoy a beer after a hard day of labour.

      Kia ora and see you around! x
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      Ear infection
      I hope to be cured within 20 years! Feel for you! You're incredible for putting up with it for this long! If you can manage 20 years, then you'll be pleased with a treatment within 10 years!

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