Suggestion: Cut Out Green Tea and Caffeine From Your Diet for at Least 3 Months

Discussion in 'Alternative Treatments and Research' started by Strictlyt, Jul 1, 2014.

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      Hi everyone I haven't posted on here for a while but thought I should share this information, apologies if it is common knowledge.

      I have had T for as long as I can remember in my right ear, certainly since the age of 16 and I am now 30. It's always quite loud but I can live with it. Last year I moved to Japan with the wife and I have identified one of my key flare up drivers as green tea.

      I absolutely love green tea and have drunk it a lot over the years. Moving from the UK to Japan my green tea intake went through the roof as it is even more popular over here. Sadly, my T flare ups did too. At first I put this down to the hot humid weather however I started to notice a pattern. On the few days I was not drinking green tea the T would become much more easy to cope with.

      Following on from this I decided to experiment. I cut green tea out of my diet completely then drank it on isolated days e.g. Once per week, or once a fortnight. And almost straight after drinking the extra pulses, whirls and high pitched noises kicked in. I know it is not a foolproof scientific experiment but I'm 100% sure it is the trigger.

      I know this is likely down to the caffeine content so I have cut as much caffeine out of my diet as possible and ever since then my T has become so much easier to cope with. The constant ringing is there but the ear fullness and difficult sounds very rarely appear now, usually just when I am ill.

      To anyone unsure I would recommend cutting out green tea and caffeine from your diet for at least 3 months to see if you notice any benefits.

      Other things I have noted from my crude experiments are: caffeine or green tea seems to be more bearable in small doses at breakfast if really necessary, black teas don't effect me anywhere near as badly, Banchya (very mature low caffeine green tea) seems to be a good substitute for usual green (although this needs more experimenting with to confirm it doesn't trigger a flare up), and barely tea is a great healthy caffeine free alternative (very popular in Japan but not back home in the UK).

      Anyway sorry for the long post I thought I should put this information out there in the off chance it might help someone with their T. I know many people like to use these drinks because they have many health benefits but be careful about needlessly cranking up the volume of the T!
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      green tea is kind of blood thinner, so the additional blood flowing through might affect u hearing sensitivity (increase) thus causing increase or spike in your T. And usually we t suffers should avoid caffeine cause it does cause spike in many of us.
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      What about alcohol? I have found if I have a drink and are around loud noises that is the deadly double for me. No more having a beer at a baseball game for me. So sad. :(
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      Yea I stopped caffeine and alcohol since past 3 weeks when my T started. Sad. I'm a newbie T and I can't believe there is no cure.

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