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    1. Tenna

      Tenna Member

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      Hello Mr. Nagler

      I've been wanting to update my supplements for a while and to that I have a question.
      When stated on supplements "recommended daily dose", who exactly is that recommended for?
      On some multivitamin pills I take it states the recommended dose to be 3 tablets a day, and as most medicine/supplements in general, for women too, is tested on males, what guidelines am I to follow weighting 54kg and being female?
      I'd love to not overdose on vitamins heh

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    2. Dr. Nagler

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      Tenna, you're asking the wrong guy.

      A while back my wife and I discontinued all multivitamins on the advice of our doctors. We had both been taking our daily multivitamin pills for decades - just like we were supposed to in order to be "healthy."

      And then a couple of interesting studies were published in the medical literature. You can read about them HERE.

      Now all my wife takes is a calcium supplement, and all I take is a Vitamin D pill - both for documented deficiencies.

      Dr. Stephen Nagler
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