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Discussion in 'Support' started by kevin b, Dec 23, 2014.

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      I have been off the site for awhile. I have had the worst year off my life, my depression which was under control the last 10 years came back and I am struugling daily to get out, I got T in Feb, lost my banquet business I had for 8 years and my marriage of 15 years is struggling. Enough of the negatives, As I come back and read the stories of pain so many of you are having, my heart bleeds for you. My T has definetly gotten alittle better as most say it does and If I was not a life long struggler of anxiety and depression it probably would not bother me at all. My message is that when you are stuggling we sometimes need to look at the good in our life, I still have 3 beautful, happy healthy children and a amazing supportive Mom.and a roof over my head. I also look at the people in life who have struggles as well, soldiers coming home missing limbs, The parents of the Newtown kids and most recently the 2 officers gunned down in NYC leaving behind two broken famalies. there is much tradegy in the world, but much beauty as well- the beauty of the amazing people on this site who offered me advice and help lift my spirit when I was struggling with T. My hope is for those struggling to not give up and see the new year with clearer vision of a better life.
      I have learned nobody was promised a perfect life and acceptance- as hard as it is goes a long way. That is not to say to not be excited about new things that might possiblly cure or alleviate your pain. I wish you all a Blessed Holiday and renewed hope in the new year.
      God Bless,
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      Happy Holidays Kevin. And happy 2015.

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