Support Matters: How Are Tinnitus and Social Support Interlinked?

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      We are pleased to announce the publication of our article in the summer 2018 edition of American Tinnitus Association's Tinnitus Today magazine. The article is based on the results of the Significant Other survey we conducted in February 2018.

      Below you will find the article as well as the full survey results.

      Statistical analysis on the survey data, as featured in the article, was conducted by @kelpiemsp and his wife.

      If you have any questions - for instance, if you want to know how a certain group or a certain question compares against another - just comment and we'll attempt to get you an answer.

      These survey results will also form the basis of a talk that we'll be delivering during the upcoming Talking Tinnitus Expo, organised by the British Tinnitus Association.

      Furthermore, based on these results, follow-up activities will be conducted leading up to Tinnitus Week 2019, the theme of which will be "social isolation."



      (Full survey data is available here.)​

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      With special thanks from me, @Markku and @Steve to @kelpiemsp for his help; his and his wife's stats skills were invaluable!
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