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Discussion in 'Support' started by Ben Jubel, Oct 15, 2013.

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      I couldn't sleep at all this past night :( now as I sit here in front of the Math class doors.. The tinnitus is coming frm my left ear. I hate to think that exams and tests or any kind of nervous/stressful situation or event in the future will make this T worse.
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      I do not think they will make your tinnitus worse. Maybe you will be more aware of it for the time being but it is temporary. You are still very much in the early stages of your tinnitus. When my tinnitus was as "young" as yours i was very bothered by it and i couldn't concentrate. I was of course very upset by this.

      Now, in spite of the loud noise not only do i sleep like a baby in silence but i can study math in a calm place without problem.

      So if you ever have concentration trouble or panic attacks don't worry too much about it: it will pass. I've been there and it passed.
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      That's reassuring to hear daedalus! I can't yet imagine studying in silence, but noise also makes my concentration go!

      I'm in the same boat Ben so I understand how you feel!

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