The Art of Tinnitus

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      The Art of T

      Like many people, I have been through periods where my tinnitus has been very severe that lasted for two years. Withing this time taken strong medication to suppress its symptoms, which helped but sadly doesn’t work for everyone. Fortunately, I have come through the other side and learned to habituate for the second time in twenty years.

      There are days when my tinnitus is still severe as my type of T fluctuates but this isn’t the same as a tinnitus spike. There are periods when it is completely silent which can last for up to two days, however, there is no set pattern. I have concluded there really is no mystery in coming to terms with this anomaly, which is often experienced in the ear and head although many of us know it’s generated in part of the Brain known as the limbic system that’s responsible for our emotions.

      Learning the Art of T and living the best life that you can takes time and I believe it is achievable for everyone. Don’t give up on yourself and keep believing that things will get better even in the down times because:
      Our greatest glory is not in never falling but getting up every time we fall. Confucius

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