The BIG SILENCE at 10,000 ft.....Ahhhhhhhhhh.

Discussion in 'Support' started by Zimichael, May 30, 2014.

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      Some poet, or maybe it was John Muir, called the quiet of the deep mountains "The Ringing Silence" (which made me wonder if he had tinnitus?!). Anyway, I don't know if this happens to anyone else but when I go to truly big open spaces like the desert, or the High Sierra's, my super loud ringing T blends into this "ringing silence" more than anywhere else and the relief is fantastic. Of course, one of the reasons is that I am not getting triggered or spiked by the interaction with noisy humans and I can fully relax.
      It's sort of the opposite of the notch up in awareness I go through when in enclosed spaces, rooms, etc. and other people are around. The reflection of a louder sound is more likely to be intrusive or hurt me than the same level outside. So the mountains are like a "bigger outside".

      After 25 years of back-packing in the California Sierra Nevada mountains and a commercial air traffic 'Jetways' map I have found and area that is blissfully free of intrusive noise from planes above, and this deep, deep silence sinks into my pores. It makes the coping with my T and H more bearable, and even the grueling 9 hour drive each way (quiet car!) makes it well worth it for a week. I highly recommended it to any outdoor types as rejuvenation for the "beaten up ear soul" that many of us suffer.

      I think I can post a few photos (never done it before here - hope OK moderators) for those who can share it vicariously or sink into the imagination of the silence. I hope you can!

      Take care, and may your ringing be distracted for a moment, if not a week!

      Best, Zimichael
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      Great Post Zimichael!! And a refreshing new encouragement! Your pics are fantastic and really make me want to plan a trip there!! Gorgeous! And I am intrigued by the "Ringing Silence" that environment offers! :)

      Thanks or sharing and best to you!!

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      Great post. For me, I love the ringing silence (or maybe that's roaring silence) of the ocean. No mountains 10k feet around here, so sea level nature will have to do!
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      Thanks for the pictures Zimicheal. That really looks high-up in mountains. Being outdoors seems to be best for my T too. One kind of forgets how big the great outdoors are, at least I do, until you'r make a trip and revisit. Any T relief is worth it. Have a great Summer.

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