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      Hi guys i hope yous are copping well with your T, ok first off ill introduce myself, my name id maliu or liuzn (nickname) an iv had T for about 5 months now, the first couple of months was tough but then t got better an i was able to cope with it but about a month ago it relapsed....i went to the club forgot my ear plugs an it spiked....the T came down right away which was good....i can sit in my room without a masker...even though i can hear my T i dont think its that bad...what i have been experiencing is a sensitivity to certain sound frequencies....idk if im around powerpoles an lines my ear start first it scared me an i already have anxiety issues....but i think it could be not senstive to squeaking doors an buses slamming on breaks but i find static electricity makes my ears buzz...i can deal with everyday sounds fine just that kinda erks causes no pain just a discomfort, my ears feeling sore from time to time but not to the point where its really painfull id say more stressed out.....i might add that my T was brought on from loud music but i can mask mime easy if its bothersome...some nights i dony need a masker i can just sleep through it, iv got an appointment with an ENT who specailises in T next week so im keen to see what he has to say...also iv got sound therapy device from sound therapy international, idk what to think i was reading mixed reviews an some people said it made ther T if you guys have advice for me id love to hear it from you guys....i like many others are engaged with T in this ongoing struggle ontop which like i said i have anxiety an im a natural stress head....

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