The Songs of Birds ... Worth a Try

Discussion in 'Support' started by EarTrumpet, Mar 16, 2016.

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      I am new to the forum, and only realized that the sound in my right ear that I have been hearing for months must be tinnitus. Being a musician for over 57 years with perfiect pitch; this is indeed a problem. I have tried some of the Neuromodulation files, and they are helpful, and but for the past few days, I have been spending time listening to Bird Songs on You Tube, and it is helping me a LOT! A LOT is a relative term, but it has calmed my T down a bit. Here are some links. The way I see it, the birds have all the notes, and they end up singing them all. Can't hurt.

      Relax-Nature Sounds-8 Hours-Waterfalls-Bird...
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      Thank you for sharing your masking sounds with the forum.
      Great to hear they are helping.....lots of love glynis

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