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Discussion in 'Support' started by newnick, Apr 9, 2014.

    1. newnick

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      they say salt worsens it cause it thickens the blood, but aspirin and alcohol worsen it by thinning blood. such a contradicting thing to say, what if you just consume lots of thinners and thickers, wouldn't that just neutralize things back to normal?
    2. seal

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      acoustic trauma
      ok well for me salt doesn't worsen my Tinnitus, alcohol doesn't ( but I don't drink a lot anyways ) and aspirin also didn't affect my T until now. I would recommend not to read too much stuff on the internet because every T is individual and you can't just skip everything in life that might maybe have an effect on someones Tinnitus and live in constant fear that it will make yours worse, too. The problem is that stressing out about every pinch of salt in your food or every glass of wine you're having will be a constant reminder of your Tinnitus which in my opinion makes Tinnitus or at least its perception worse.
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    3. Martin69

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      (Health) Anxiety
      I drink and eat the same as before T onset.
      It doesn't have any effect on my T.
      As Seal said, you would think and worry about every piece of food.
    4. Grace
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      I also dont do anything differently then before T.. I eat.. Drink and smoke the same and has not caused spikes or anything so far. Would love to quit smoking eventually though for the sake of my health in the longrun

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