Theories Why Vigorous Exercise Made My Cold/Congestion Induced Tinnitus Worse?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Ringing_seal, Jan 31, 2023.

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      I'm not asking for medical advice, only looking topics I can do more research on.

      I went to a loud concert, came back with tinnitus and a cold with very bad congestion. The ringing eventually went away in my right ear but remained in my left. I've had four hearing tests done since then, all of which have come out fine, so I'm positive the congestion was the primary cause of my tinnitus.

      Fast forward ten months, I worked out really hard and the tinnitus is now present in both my right ear and louder in my left (I had other symptoms too, like stuffy ears, hyperacusis). It's been this way for about six months now, I guess it's my new normal now.

      I'm curious on what could have been damaged that I could have then exacerbated by exercising too vigorously, which brought it on to my right ear and made it louder in my left.

      Any guesses?

      Anyone else in similar boat?

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