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Discussion in 'Support' started by ogreb, Sep 30, 2016.

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      My right ear got really bad...( Loss of hearing, and severe tinititus )I was suicidal.
      Fortunately I met one of the best ear doctors in my state.
      While he was not able to completely get rid of it , he did do a stapes surgery that allowed me to hear out of my right ear.
      Being able to hear dulled the excessive noise.
      But what I want to talk about is other things I do/
      Lay off coffee, tea or anything that increases blood pressure. Aim for a low salt diet.
      Keep the humidity up...60 % ( This is a biggie for me as the humiidty drops my T get's a lot worse )
      I actually moved to a state with higher humidity.
      Keep stress down...this is very important. It does not help and raises blood pressure.
      Keep sinuses clear and moist..just use saline nasal not ever use any dicongestions....ever.
      Massage your head and temples...paying attention to the area to area right above and just behind the ear.
      My T flare ups are rare...most of the time I don't even notice it anymore.

      And if you smoke...quit.

      Also see your dentist...some T problems can be caused by dental issues.

      More info incoming later/
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      What's wrong with decongestants?
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