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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by sue3000, Aug 19, 2015.

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      I am new to the forum, but not new to tinnitus - I have had it for nearly 5 years now. A constant high pitched noise all the time (worse some days than others), but also low pitched from time to time like an aeroplane noise or motor running. Like some other members the sound of the sea is soothing or the shower. I also listen to music lots it does not mask "my noises", but does make it easier to bear. I am having a bad day today that is why I ended up here, looking for not sympathy exactly, but understanding. Someone to say "Yeah I know what that's like". My husband is a great support, but can't hear what I can hear!
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      HFHL and stress

      Hi @sue3000 -- Welcome to TT! I'm coming up on 2 years so, yeah, I know what it's like. You'll find a lot of support and friendship here--check out the general chat threads to take your mind off tinnitus. Check out the research threads to see news about current tinnitus research and drugs being tested.

      I have a very high pitched sound almost constantly. I do have low tinnitus days --maybe two a week now--sometimes more--so I'm grateful for that--some here suffer constantly. I've habituated my reaction so I don't get emotionally upset but it is still draining on my energy. On bad days at work, I mask with an iPod playing classical music (I can't concentrate at work if the music has lyrics) or white noise. I plug my earphones into the audio section here at TT. I don't mask bad days at home as I don't have the need to concentrate so much. I listen to audiobooks to fall asleep and on really bad days I use the audiobooks and a sound generator.

      Great to meet you!

      (((((sue3000)))))-- That's a hug. :)

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      not sure
      Welcome Sue. You are at the right place. We sure know how you feel. We have been where you are and many of us have recovered and now living a normal life. Don’t worry and give it time. Time will definitely be on your side. Your tinnitus being so new, your body and your nerve are a bit overwhelmed now with the new stimulus. The trauma of T is causing your brain to function under the limbic system of fright or fight. Your brain will have many distorted thoughts about the future, called cognitive distortions.

      But you will not always think nor react the same way in a few months, a year or two from now. Why? A few years back I was overwhelmed with ultra high pitched loud T. Worse I was also attacked soon after by severe hyperacusis. All normal sounds turned glassy in quality, and were piercingly hurtful to my senses as if being drilled constantly. I had to wear earplugs all the time, but the plugs blocked off all outside masking sounds, making the harsh T shrill so dominant and unbearable. I had to choose the lesser of two evils and there was no lesser choice between T & H. The brain saw no way out and it caved into relentless panic attacks, being that I was a panic prone person before T & H. So besides the horror of T & H, I also had to face the terrible symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks all day. I had to depend on meds just to survive each long, dark day.

      I thought I would never recover from such 'hell' of a life. But never say never. I am here back to normal today, living an absolutely enjoyable and productive life. I even travel often after T, even taking long flights and went on cruises. I went back to enjoy all that I used to enjoy. Life is beautiful now. If I had known that time and a positive attitude plus some CBT strategies would turn my sufferings around, I would not have spent so much time in total misery and trauma during the initial phase of T and worried so much about the future. So hang in there. Don't despair. You will be just fine. Give yourself enough time for the body to absorb in the new sensation. I encourage you to read up all the success stories to give yourself some hope and comfort about the future. You will learn some valuable collective wisdom, insight and effective strategies how to triumph over T from the posters. So be positive, relax and have a bright hope for the future. Take care. God bless your recovery.

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