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Discussion in 'Support' started by Alek, Mar 12, 2015.

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      I am here. 5 months in, i think i am doing a lot better but still can't help over the fact that life is not the same anymore...

      I try to be social but in reality I have very little to say to people and have become somewhat antisocial. Before I was quite eccentric and on the assault but now I am VERY reserved and cautious. Everything is just slower and I feel like there is no life inside me...

      I also can't help the fact that my body is in stress. It sweats more and there is no sense of relaxation... I am always on alert.

      I talk quietly now and frequently give off sighs. it takes time to get out of bed and i feel like its such a shame. The hunger to go out and conquer the world is just not even close to what it used to be.
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      Hi Alek, I have empathy for your situation. These are symptoms of anxiety after the trauma of T. But don't think you are alone with this. This is quite typical of any one who has encountered intrusive T. I was in the same shoe within the first 6 months. Take it from some one who has gone the distance with T. Your condition should improve over time and your zeal for life and the energy will return. I had to dare my T & H and pull my tired and stressed out body to go out to enjoy what I used to like to do. It gets better over time. Also, by not yielding to the T affliction on the body & spirit, you are winning the psychological battle anyway. Find something new which you often want to do or try out, then go out to enjoy it. Whatever fits you best. Take care and hang in there. God bless your recovery.
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    3. Jeff M.

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      Hey @Alek !! Yup, T is a life changer! No doubt! But, lust as @billie48 encouraged you, I do too!! :) The first 4-8 months (varies from person to person) is the absolute worst! :confused::eek::banghead::bag: I am 2 1/2 years in to my journey with T (high volume, high pitch) and can say to you honestly that you can have solid hope!! My first 8 months SUCKED!! Same as you, became anti-social, withdrawn, and depressed. I felt like my former self had died. I hated the present and feared the future. BUT.... I came through it! And so have so many others here on TT!! And YOU WILL TOO!! (y)

      I am not going to lie and say it's easy, because it's not! But it's worth it, YOU are worth it! You have to make some adjustments and push through, and give it time. Your limbic system is adjusting to the "threat" of your tinnitus. As time passes, and as you mentally, emotionally and psychologically stabilize (through exercise, diet, breathing, getting back to a regular routine, and get reconnected relationally), you will see improvement!! Stay connected here on TT!! Tons of great info on treatments, therapies, etc.. and FANTASTIC people who know exactly what you are dealing with!!:)

      Don't give up or give in to your T!! Fight for yourself and reclaim your life. I did (& still am) and it IS possible!! I know it's hard to hear this right now, but it is the truth!! You will get through!!

      Peace and relief to you Alek!!

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