This May Help People Who Have Tinnitus but Been Told They "Don't Need Hearing Aids"

Discussion in 'Support' started by JasonP, May 15, 2016.

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      Okay, I am going to post a document below that explains audiograms and why I believe some people could benefit from hearing aids even though some specialists say you don't need them. This is just my opinion so you'll need to call around to make sure this is an acceptable idea. In the audiogram if your hearing is at -10dB, your hearing is considered really good. I am going to list the ranges of normal and mild hearing loss here:

      -10dB to 25dB: Considered normal
      25db to 40dB: Mild

      Here is the document:

      It is possible that if you are in the mild range, they may not recommend them or if you are at 25dB they won't say you need them. While it is true you should be able to hear everything at least at 20dB, your goal of course would not be to hear everything it is to lessen the ringing!! This is why I suggest you ask them to bump you up to 0 or -dB to give you more amplification of the ambient noise in the room. Also, get an extended audiogram. I had some normal, mild, and moderate hearing loss (depending on frequency) and they acted for a long time that I didn't need hearing aids (I think because they are used to people with worse hearing). Well, I could hear okay but my point was to get reduce of the ringing. I went ahead and got them and had the hearing aid specialist manipulate them in a way to reduce the tinnitus further. I would say I got rid of all the maskable tinnitus so probably a 50% to 60% reduction in tinnitus noticability of the totality of it. It did not eliminate the non-maskable t I have but it lowered the perception a little. Later, I got an extended frequency audiogram (which they do not list in the document above and got an extended frequency bandwidth hearing aid and had that programmed and manipulated further and amazingly there are some places I can go and not hear it for the first time in years (which is very surprising to me). I have to listen and focus hard to hear it inside a store. Granted I am also taking an mood stabilizer anticonvulsant drug that is helping me some too. I figured I would post this to see if I could help anyone out.

      Also, by manipulation of hearing aids, I mean the manipulation of the programming of the different frequency ampflications.

      I really have benefited from these a lot as well as from the maskers on them but I haven't had to use them much lately due to the mood stabilizer I am using and the new hearing aids.
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      My hearing is in the normal category...I don't need a hearing aid... But if I ask for a hearing aid to Bring my hearing to 0-10 dB, can my tinnitus disappear? I was Just wondering if there is a hearing aid that could perhaps make me Hear really high frequencies? Would that also cure me from tinnitus?
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      When did you start taking the mood stabilizer anti seizure meds? Given that those can help with tinnitus, too, it might be difficult to tell which is helping reduce your tinnitus.
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      Both my audiograms come out as good or normal, but I swear some sounds seem muffled especially people in other rooms. It may be that I am completely paranoid about my hearing now I have tinnitus and am hyper analysing it.

      I seem to notice it more indoors. Outdoors sounds fine.

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      It might be possible. I would suggest getting an extended audiogram and then call around to a local hearing aid place that sells the top of the line Signia 7nx or the older Signia Primax 7px. They can be programmed to 12khz. Ask if they can give you a free trial. If not ask if they will refund your money if you aren't satisfied. I hope something helps for you.
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