This One Goes Out to All My Fellow Friends That Still Suffer From Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by David S, Apr 11, 2014.

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      This one goes out to all my fellow friends that still suffers from T

      Especially all of you that are aware of your T 24/365.

      5 month ago a lost some high frequency hearing. Instead a laser beamed alien moved in at 13000Hz.

      As a bonus the alien is reactive and can easily be heard over any normal daily sound.

      I do not fear you anymore but my brain is quite messed up chasing you around every awake moment.

      I have been dreaming about cutting a deal with you, but you do not do deals.

      I know have to surrender unconditionally but sill habituation seems to be an illusion
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      Likely stress, anxiety, an antibiotic and nsaids

      Surrendering is so hard! I hated it (totally against my nature and background); but it was the only way to accept it. So, I accepted it. Then I found out I hadn't really surrendered at all, I just learned to 'fight' a different way; and step one was to accept my situation in its totality (even though it felt like surrendering -- UGH!). That took (me) a while -- I hated it (so depressing!). However, once I accepted it, my anxiety went down (significantly); once that was down I started to thinking more objectively; once I started thinking objectively I started to get motivated (not so depressed).

      But this took a long time (most of a year) and there were many set backs and failures; I know what you are going through and how it feels (insert bad words here!! :arghh:).

      Habituation is not an illusion; although I would have said the same thing when I was 4-5 months in. Be patient with yourself, try to slow your reaction to it a little more each day; don't fret over set backs/failures, just keep pressing on. Habituation will be your reality.


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    3. ralph j begley

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      I have had Tinnitus for over 30 years. Chain saws and viruses. I'm still alive and happy. It hasn't been easy. I've been an alcoholic for the same time. I still take medication in order to sleep.
      Focus on the good things in your life. Enjoy food. Marvel at Nature. Dance to the music you love. DON'T GIVE UP.
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    4. ralph j begley

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      Habituation is not the Holy Grail. Pleasure is.
    5. Asian

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      4 weeks
      Glad to be on this site and meet you all wonderful people. I am a newbie and my T started 24 days ago after I got hit on the top of head by a concrete wall while playing football. I would say my T is moderate and stands at 5 at its loudest on a scale of 10. It basically started after about 24 hours of the trauma. I was totally freaked out for the first 2 weeks and had also developed light and sound sensitivity along with some post concussion symptoms which seems to be gradually subsiding and I feel near normal now; except for this T thing which still lingers every now and then. I had done CT scan which was normal and audiometry twice(first test showing mild sensoneural hearing loss which probably wasnt because of the impact according to the audiologist, second test after 20 days done by a different lady showing perfect hearing with no sensoneural loss whatsoever) . I have been to 3 ENT doctors but they coldnt help me much and just said " T should settle down in time and that its just an annoyance nothing else! " and prescribed B vitamins and all. I still feel scared and anxious all the time and hope it fades away because with each passing day my hopes are going down. In the beginning I had some blocked and "imbalanced" or pressure feeling inside the ears and that seems to be clearing up slowly now. My T has improved somewhat I feel than it was before ( maybe I am little used to it now, not sure ) and is at its lowest from morning till evening but increases after that and continues to stay the same throughout the night. My social life is poor and I never went to concerts or clubs. I atleast want to know what has gone wrong inside my ears (or head) after the impact. Is it the cochlea(hair cells) or the nerve or the auditory cortex? Nobody bothers to investigate and they just say " it will get better further if it has till now " .Even the neurologist seemed least interested and just said to give it some time before going for an MRI. I feel I am wasting time as I have the best chance for any treatments to work in this acute stage. Ayurvedic doctor feel its might be inflammation an has given me seasame oil along with some nerve calming pills I guess. But none of the doctors have recommended that I put oil in my ears. Can concussion cause ringing? Where likely can it cause the damage? What are the chances of it going away? Sorry for my bad grammer as Engligh is not my first language. Just writing this has helpe me calm down a bit:(. Thanks in advance:)
    6. rtwombly

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      @Asian sorry to hear about your injury and your tinnitus. Though I'm not certain, I believe mine may be due to a blow to the head I sustained some time before the ringing started. It has now been with me for a little more than three months. I am sorry that I cannot give you a better prognosis, but I do sympathize with your frustration at the doctors who seem not to care.

      I have had a good experience with a chiropractor who specializes in Atlas Orthogonal, that is, adjusting the first vertebrae of the spine, also known as the atlas or C1. She took an exhaustive history and suggested that several minor injuries and stressful events that had been going on in my life may have prepared me for a final event (whatever it was) that sent my atlas out of alignment, creating nerve and blood vessel impingement. Though her adjustment of my atlas has not led to a the cessation of my tinnitus, I have had several good days where the tinnitus was barely noticeable and my energy levels, which have also been affected, are up. The doctor instructed me to take no exercise for about three weeks after the adjustment and then add exercises only slowly. I am now a week away from that goal. She believes much more healing may occur in the future, so there's still a chance I could be heading for complete remission.

      Since your condition was brought on by head injury, I recommend you have your atlas checked by a qualified chiropractor. It may not be the complete solution to your tinnitus, but if you will find that better health overall has a large impact on your experience and perception of tinnitus.

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