Thoughts on Ginkgo Biloba / Vitamin B12 Complex / Vitamin E / NAC / Magnesium / Carnosine?

Discussion in 'Support' started by orbiter12, May 11, 2017.

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      Just browsing the internet and found this list of supplements to take for tinnitus.

      -Ginkgo Biloba
      -Vitamin B12 Complex
      -Vitman E

      Anyone have any experience on these and things like doses? Also does anyone have any links to evidence.
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      If you want statistically credible evidence (rather than anecdotal), I suggest you peruse pubmed. Then input whatever you're interested in (like "Ginkgo Biloba") and "tinnitus", and see what comes out.
      Here's the 4th result that comes out from the above search:
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      I tried Gingko, did not work. An ENT that went to, that has tinnitus, said it did not work for him..

      It might help certain people who have tinnitus due to poor blood circulation, but this is not the majority of those with T.
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