Three Week Spike Finally Subsided

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      I'm just writing this to assure other people who are experiencing a prolonged, seemingly unbearable spike, that it can subside. I've finally returned to approximately baseline after a spike that lasted almost a month.

      It all started after a business trip to Asia. I went to Vietnam and back over the course of four days. I spent more time in transit than I spent there. I was severely sleep deprived, I thought maybe pressurization in the plane caused barotrauma, or maybe the prolonged exposure to engine noise caused hearing loss.

      My first night back home I awoke in a panic because my tinnitus was so loud. I've had it ever since I was a kid and I've gotten used to it. But this was scary loud. It was a new frequency stacked on top or what I already hear, and the two together sounded like speaker feedback and the static of an old tube TV. It was miserable. It caused panic attacks. It caused me sleep deprivation. After about a week, it seemed like it was growing even louder. Eventually, I spent several consecutive nights without sleeping. I was afraid I would never sleep again and that I was heading towards a complete mental breakdown. I wanted to cry, but I was too exhausted. I was just terrified that was my new life. I couldn't enjoy time with my girlfriend. I couldn't concentrate at work. I was withdrawn in social situations. And I dreaded night time because I knew I would toss and turn, try to drown it out (which made it worse), and fail miserably to get any relief.

      It's worth noting that a fan or even ambient noise was enough to drown it out before, but all noise during my spike was painful and amplified my T.

      I saw my primary care doctor and he had nothing helpful for me. I saw my ENT and he said that tinnitus is normal, that spikes are normal, and that my brain eventually would tune the volume down after I calmed down about it. But as a temporary fix, he prescribed me sedatives so I could finally sleep.

      That first night, it took the sedatives forever to kick in. I almost went to the hospital to get put under. But I did finally fall asleep. I awoke with loud tinnitus, disappointed and scared. It carried on like this for about two weeks until my first good day. Noises no longer hurt me, but the T was still loud. It was still deafening at night, but I was sleep anyway because of the drugs. Then I had a few bad days.

      It was up and down for a while. But over time, it has gradually gotten better. It's still louder than my baseline. But it's not affecting my sleep or my concentration. And I only hear it when it's on my mind.

      I think in this case, the brain is a powerful force, both for good and bad.

      I know it's hard. But my recommendation for anyone who is dealing with a severe spike is to try your best to calm down, relax, and rest. Eventually, it will pass if you let your anxiety about it pass.

      Everyone's case is different. And maybe some people experience permanent spikes. But I hope there are other people out there who can find solace in learning that other unbearable spikes have come and gone.
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      Agree! It's just a case of riding the storm and trying to remain strong and positive for a successful outcome!!! Xx
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      Thank you for sharing.

      If it ever gets back to your baseline, please share that with us too.

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