Threshold Sound Conditioning — Improves Hearing Threshold?

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      I didn't find any discussion of this here, so I thought I'd share what I've found.

      So there's this phenomenon called sound conditioning where exposure to moderate noise levels is protective against damage from subsequent loud noise levels. Basically, spend some time listening to 85dB pink noise before a concert and the 120dB show won't trash your hearing as much.

      This benefit apparently also exists if the moderate noise exposure happens even after the excessive noise. This is called backward sound conditioning.

      Related to this is a newer idea of threshold sound conditioning. Supposedly exposure to custom-tailored noise that's just barely loud enough to hear for the individual, at their hearing threshold, can actually improve hearing over time. Basically listen to customized low-level noise for 30min a day and your audiogram will get better.

      Pretty bold claim! But I haven't been able to find much other research on this at all. You'd think if this worked, there would be a ton of info on it. Anyone know anything more about this topic and whether or not it helps with tinnitus? In theory anything that could actually improve hearing might reduce tinnitus, right?
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