Tinearity, a Bone Conduction Based White Noise Generator for Tinnitus Relief — Reviews?

Discussion in 'Alternative Treatments and Research' started by Chinmoku, Apr 1, 2021.

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      Started with a cold, possibly worsened by medication/noise
      One of my well meaning friends who is not well informed on tinnitus sent me information on a device from Sweden, from a company called Tinearity. I went to their page for a quick check.

      It looks like a small disc-shaped white noise generator to be placed behind the ear and working by bone conduction. It was developed by a company started by a tinnitus sufferer.

      The page claims it can be used to practice TRT.

      I know TRT seems to work for some people but is not regarded well here, given also a study showing lack of benefits, but any other thoughts on this device? For example, is there any particular advantage in the bone conduction feature?

      It seems it is under development and is not available yet?

      The page on their website about tinnitus treatments is not very encouraging: ACT, CBT, TRT, masking and physiotherapy.

      Notice also that this initiative seems to be strongly related to an earlier company called Cochlearity, that was discussed in this thread (thanks to @erik for the heads up).
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      White Noise from Headphones (likely)
      I think Tinearity is the device, the company is Duearity AB. I do not know about the bone conduction feature, but it really looks like standard TRT done in a fancy way.
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      Tinearity and Cochlearity seem to be run by the same person Peter Arndt. It looks like the company just got rebranded for some reason.

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