Tinnitus — Is There Any Advice Anybody Is Willing to Give?

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      I have been studying the comments of many people. It was interesting and very sad.

      My tinnitus started 4 weeks ago. It started when i used to sleep on my back or left side down. After two weeks of hear that sound, i started feeling dizzy and vommiting after 20min of lunch.

      I had to go go to doctor n they gave few tablets..which did not stopped the sound. Three months ago there was a lower back left side pain for the second time where doctor injected and was pain was gone.the first time left side lower back pain was 1 year ago.

      Is there any advice anybody willing to give as im very worried

    2. glynis

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      Meniere's Disease
      If your sound started while sleeping maybe it could be new presure and might be clenching your jaw.
      Your jaw joint is by your middle ear and can cause tinnitus.
      Read up on TMJ just to see if it could be.
      I don't think lower back pain would cause tinnitus in my view....lots of love glynis
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      Yeah, don't let it drive your bus.
    4. Fairy

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      Hi, If got tmj, this 7 months of hell. They say you got, really, I don't think that they can prove of it. In my case, no xrays or any thing. Slow. My advice is studying, start a journal, and create your new job of tinnitus. Oh by way, try a chiropactor, I just last week. the tinnitus left for 3 days because it is related to my neck. You might get lucky.

      It is a job, get well. If it is tmj, take muscle relaxer, Robax, platinum one. It did not work for me. It is hitting me pretty now. It is like hammer hitting, so your little self ent right away.
      Make a list of everything you need do. I went no really.

      Maybe an appointment with a dentist for tmj, you need a splint. I am getting one soon. I don't it do much do for me.

      There is tmj surgery, that is why I telling to move your butt. Right. This condition gets worst and worst. Both of my ears are hurting. You might have something else. But take action
      I am taking this action now: Chiropractor, Maybe, Phsiotherapy, this for tmj theory. if that is what is. No logic in any thing. You just your money down the toilet.

      Keep a daily journal, I did. All the vitamins etc. did not work, I have box a full of crap.
      I believe no way a vitamin or magnesium could take out that pain.

      Ultrasound might be something, I am going look into it right away. Also lasers at dentist office.

      Take care. Mine did get worst. It is severe. Any questions, You might have something different. Maybe B12 tablet might work for you.
      b12 and magnesium. I would not bother with ginglio, however you spell it.
      See, I was nice, I answered one. Good luck.
      These are my opinions, my experience, take action, don't sit on the computer chair,
      it gets worst.
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      1st time, Noise. 2nd time, antiboitics/motrin mix
      I've been looking at lot into different things. What I noticed with Ginko is that people seem to say the regular cheap stuff in stores doesn't work, but people have suggested looking into ebs 761 versions of it. I've ordered the Nature's Way stuff, reviews also seem really high on Amazon (4.5/5, and mostly for memory). The brand is also sold in our local SuperStore, just not the Ginko. I think it also goes by Tebonin as well? Either way, the German grade stuff. Its pretty cheap, 20 bucks for 75 pills. so I'm going to try it.

      I've been on a B complex for a few weeks now, and other than yellow pee from the B2 ... I haven't noticed anything, but not all T is the same, and there isn't a set of rules with it either. Sometimes it goes away by itself, sometimes this works, or that, or just nothing.

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