Tinnitus: A New Model of Pharmacological Therapy Bergmann J. - Bertora G. - 04.2010

Discussion in 'Research News' started by Bob G, Apr 6, 2016.

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      US Air Force/Jet engines
      I saw this posted in another thread, forgot who posted it, but curious if anyone knows what became of this therapy they claim has a 61% complete cure and 30% reduction rate. Has it been debunked?
      Click on the "Tinnitus Therapy" link just under the Abstract heading. I am clueless as to the science/pharmacology here so I am hoping someone with expertise can enlighten me as to what they are claiming.
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      Benzos, Stress, Anxiety, Loud Music, Jaw Problems. Who knows
      Can someone please really enlighten us? Is it likely to be a treatment for soon? Do they really find the real cause and the new drugs coming soon may be related to this theraphy?
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      There isn't anything significant in the presentation.
      It basically identifies 3 origins for tinnitus, ear, brain, brainstem and suggests well known treatments such as clonazepam (or clobazam), piracetam (oh snap), vitamin B6, Naftidrofuryl (a vasodilator) and good ol' gabapentin/tegretol/insert other anticonvulsant.

      It's an interesting read though, if you got 10 minutes to kill. Won't cure you though.
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      I have attached the research paper, more a powerpoint presentation but interesting nontheless

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      Noise - I think
      As far as I could tell they are not using any new drugs. This is more a diagnosis procedure for tinnitus. They are talking about three major areas in the brain responsible for someone developing tinnitus and then depending on which one the specific patient has they are deciding which combo of drugs that should be prescribed based on that. Basically drugs that are known to affect those areas in the desired way.

      But they are very clear about it having to be a combination of multiple drugs and not just a single one (or as they say monodrug). They are really stressing this multiple times.

      The presentation is dated 2010/04 so it's precisely 6 years ago. I'm guessing either the results weren't lasting or they ran out of funding (either way there haven't been much fuss regarding this in the last 6 years as far as I know). Interesting read though.
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      that thing does nothing. I took it and still have some left but does absolutely nothing (dunno about how true it increases memory tho, but i managed to pass an exam really easy)

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