Tinnitus After Motorcycle Training

Discussion in 'Support' started by Caroline Harvey, Sep 8, 2015.

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      I've been riding my back for quite a few months but today I had a training day for my upcoming test. I had to wear an over the ear radio. It was so shushy and crackly all day. I have raging tinnitus now. Has anyone else had this from wearing the training headset? Never have a problem when I use my normal Bluetooth radio but this over the ear one from the instructor was awful. And I have to wear it for my test.
      Any help gratefully received. I have 3 days next week of wearing the radio.
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      Maybe ask them if they can use your bluetooth instead for medical reasons. I don't see how they could really say no. Or maybe find some earplugs that will help reduce the volume while you can still hear them. Either way I would talk to them first about it and let them know your problem.
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      In-ear headphones don't make my tinnitus worse, but over-ear headphones absolutely do. I think it may have to do with the pressure of the headphones pressing against my ears/ skull area and tensing up the muscles further- but it absolutely has an impact on me. I'd also ask if they could switch their connection to in-ear headphones and explain the reasoning behind it.
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      I would never ride a motorcycle without in-ear plugs in. My bike is not very powerful, but it still revs to over 110 dB. That's just too loud for anyone to handle safely without hearing protection, let alone someone with tinnitus.
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