Tinnitus After Studying for a Week

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Terrydy, Oct 26, 2017.

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      Hey yall

      For the past week, I've been crazy studying for my midterms. Every second im awake I've been watching/listening to my lectures, which is a lot bc I had both classes and my job to do as well. Somewhere along the way (yesterday to be precise), having 4 hrs of sleep and stress, I developed a high pitched ringing in my left ear.

      I'm at this moment still listening to my lectures as I write this, no earbuds this time but having a terrible struggle w focusing. I know im supposed to cut out sounds right now bc it's a critical moment but I rlly have to study and im rlly scared to have this go permanent, if it isn't already....

      Does anyone have any advice on how to handle this???? I'm super desperate!!! also, could this be temporary (don't hate me for having silly hope :/ ) I have never experienced this and I'm absolutely terrified...
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      @Terrydy, ...Yes, because this just began yesterday, there's a very good chance it's just temporary. You already stated that you stopped using earbuds. Don't go back to using them or headphones while you still have this. Keep the volume only as loud as you need to in order to hear it.

      I can tell you from many years of living with Tinnitus that anxiety and stress can exacerbate a spike. Additionally, a lack of sufficient sleep can also add to the problem. So, try to calm yourself down by reassuring yourself that it's more than likely just a temporary condition. Furthermore, try to get a good nights sleep if you can.

      Good Luck!
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      not sure

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