Tinnitus Aged Me. :(

Discussion in 'Support' started by derpytia, May 7, 2016.

    1. derpytia

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      Hearing loss / ETD
      I look at pictures of myself two years ago before I got tinnitus and then I look at pictures of myself now and Tinnitus has really aged me. I have permanent bags and wrinkles under my eyes, my mouth seems to be locked in a slight frown now and my skin and everything looks duller. I'm only 22 years old (going to be 23 at the end of July). And in the past two years of dealing with this horrible multi-toned reactive T, I have seriously aged compared to my peers.
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    2. glynis

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      Meniere's Disease
      I'm sure you look as beautiful as your picture xxx
      Tinnitus is a hard condition and can take away your confidence and self worth but always remember you are in control over what makes you happy and you will rise up like a Phoenix and show your tinnitus you are the person in charge and never let it make you feel low .
      We are together stronger with support.....lots of love glynis
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    3. Marijana
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      Marijana Member

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      Most probably standing (working) near speakers on a festival
      I just turned 22 and I totaly understand you.
      I've always had that baby face and always looked several years younger than I actually am. I also noticed wrinkles around eyes mouth and forehead..but that could be because I have that smiley face though hah:D

      Maybe we are imagining those things who knows. It could be poor diet, dehydration(drink a lot water!), stress, genetic..some people just age faster than others.

      It is hard, especially for a woman, to deal with such changes but the point is to stay postive. It is hard I know..but don't let it suck life out of you.
      YOU are beautiful no matter what, remember that!!:woot:
    4. fishbone

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      loud noise and very bad sickness
      Maybe it made you more beautiful. You do know that a good wine ages well and is more desirable :)
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    5. Purple Parrot

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      12/2015 - 3/2016
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      Multiple: anxiety, childhood ear infections, loud music
      I'm pretty sure my anxiety had aged me - I decided to take steps to do some damage control!

      My solution was to eat really healthy, drink lots of fresh clean water, exercise and do yoga/meditation. I also bought a bunch of expensive skincare products (lol) after doing research on the best ones to use and I always always wear SPF30 (or more) sunscreen. That really improved my skin - I get compliments on it all the time now and the wrinkles/bags disappeared.

      I would definitely recommend Snowberry products (especially the serums) and also Royal Nectar bee venom masks.
    6. fitActive04

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      Head Trauma
      Tinnitus will not age you, but stress will! So... keep your stress in check!

      By the way, you look fine. If I were younger... ;)
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    7. JasonP
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      I sympathize with you but I am sure you are prettier than you think you are :) I don't know if you wear hearing aids but if you don't they can help reduce the ringing. They helped me a great deal. I have some with built in maskers which make the right ear sound really soothing but won't do the same for my left ear because my tinnitus can't be fully masked in that ear :( I actually have to take meds to calm me down unfortunately but to be honest I had mood swings before T. If things get really bad just know you have a few safety nets. That can help calm me down sometimes.
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    8. jeanoroid

      jeanoroid Member

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      Loud Music / headphones
      oh my back. My back and my neck..
      Too much guffawing hearing 20 year olds complaining about old age I guess.
      Now let me find my hair and my teeth so I can go play some shuffleboard..
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    9. Nonna

      Nonna Member

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      My skin lost its glow fast. Too miserable to care right now. I was already beyond fed up anyway with the need to be perfectly pretty every single day for the last 20yrs. Sometimes I think tinnitus makes me prettier, what model ever went wrong with a hollow dead stare.
    10. Path Maker

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      Here, though: Our society and culture tries to instill in us (and probably we all buy into it to some degree or another, at some point or another) this "Looks matter" thing.

      Okay, of course it's nice to appreciate our appearance.

      But I can't emphasize enough that it DOES NOT MATTER.

      It is a belief that wise and lucky people ultimately grow through and BEYOND. Even if it's something that we have to remind ourselves of, again and again.

      Your new and best beauty treatments come from these:

      1) Practice linking your internal joy to your BEST and BRIGHTEST ... SMILE <----
      When you walk into a room and send out your smile, NO ONE (no one who's got it right inside their heart) is
      responding to the style of your hair or clothes or wrinkles or not.

      Want EVIDENCE?? Try this - from now on, when you are in social situations, who do you find yourself wanting
      to be with? The nicest "looking"??? Or ... the nicest?

      2)Practice finding (and reminding yourself of) the REAL and GENUINE activities and values of this awesomely
      precious gift of LIFE that you have. Do this again and again and again and again and again ... and again (this
      needs to be fed daily - your soul, like a garden, needs the watering of your love and attention to stay healthy and

      What happens then? You become ever so beautifully ... BEAUTIFUL. It shows up in YOUR EYES.

      Want EVIDENCE??? Start to look at VERY OLD PEOPLE. The ones for whom all YOUTHFUL physical beauty,
      whether they ever had it or not, is utterly gone. Look at their EYES. Look at their SMILES.

      If they have lived according to the beauty of the heart (see Number One and Number Two, above), you will see the shining magic of childlike wonder in their faces. And a life story behind them that was full of joy and meaning AND, especially, kindness and caring and giving to others, no matter what their skin or hair or clothing looked like.

      Seize that. Seize it young and seize it early and life becomes a much richer journey.

      Sending love and hugs.

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