Tinnitus Aggravation

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      Hi Tinnitus Community,

      I'm glad to join the community.

      My tinnitus began when a cotton bud got stuck in my ear. When I tried to get out the cotton bud with a rudimentary stick, the stick broke and remained stuck in my ear. Worse yet, I was a construction worker at the time.

      To make a long story short, I woke up 2 weeks later in an upscale clinic with pus flowing out of my ear.

      I've since been able to manage my condition with a combination of methods.
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      Welcome to the forum. You are welcome to share your methods and insights how to manage tinnitus here with the members. If you have a success story then please post your story at the Success Stories forum in Knowledge Base. This way your methods can be shared to struggling members. Thanks for joining us here. Take care. God bless.

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