Tinnitus Almost Gone in Quiet Environments — Gets Worse with More Background Noise

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mithcair, Sep 24, 2021.

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      For 3 days I've been experiencing pressure in my right ear as well as a 1000Hz ringing.

      The ringing is getting worse with more background noise. When it's silent, the ringing almost completely disappears. So it's very unpleasant when someone talks or something.

      The odd thing is: The noise that influences the ringing is influenced by my left ear. If I hear the sounds from the right ear, it doesn't influence the ringing in my right ear...

      I have already been to a doctor yesterday, who examined my ear and hearing. Everything is perfect like it should be. He can't find a cause. Just prescribed some Ginkgo biloba pills to support my blood circulation.

      If it's not gone till next week, I'm going to get an expert to watch over this.

      Has anybody experienced something like this?
    2. Stacken77

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      Noise (likely headphones & cars), Acoustic trauma did me in
      Hi @Mithcair
      Tinnitus that fluctuates in response to sound does occur and there's a lot of similar stories on this forum. There's 2 types that's worth to note; increases in tinnitus that recedes immediately after the noise exposure is over, and tinnitus that spikes for a while after the noise exposure has ceased. This is all speculation, but the former may be related to synapse damage while the latter may be related to loudness hyperacusis or sensitivity to sound. I have had experience with both types; the former resolving after a few weeks, while the latter is my main problem right now.

      I wish you well,
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    3. ToriaM34

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      Unknown - maybe frequent ear infections
      I’ve had a similar thing for a few weeks now, the new noise is in one ear only and goes away 100% in silence. I have no idea what’s caused it and I’ve had no improvement yet. Sorry to not offer any help but you’re not alone.
    4. TinaRuns

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      Ear infection / perforation
      I kept having a HUGE nighttime spike with my box fan on high and white noise speaker pretty loud. I accidentally noticed volume went down when speaker turned itself off during night (and I didn't wake up until hours later). Now box fan on medium and speaker as low as I can handle, which has helped. I tried box fan on low but then my husband's breathing sounds were impossible to ignore. (I don't have hyperacusis. I've just always been sensitive to any random noises while sleeping so have always slept with fan.) I only developed tinnitus last year from an infection / perforated eardrum.

      Anyway it's worth experimenting with white noise -- reducing the volume wherever you can.

      Sitting on my patio outside during the day also helps a lot. Indoors, where I work full home, I'm running white noise machines with brook water sound only, at the lowest volume that feels right for that day.

      Right now I'm struggling with a spike caused by Metronidazole, which I finished maybe 3 weeks ago. I'm devastated bc it's not improving.

      NAC and Curcumin tend to stimulate me. But I just took some today and keep trying. I've been experimenting with CBD oil to sleep and that helps some, although finding the right brand has been a challenge.

      If anyone has any suggestions, please share!

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