Tinnitus and Anxiety

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by bronsonh, Feb 25, 2014.

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      Hi. I'm a tinnitus sufferer since 2007. I was 19 when I first noticed it and it sent me into an anxiety spiral, it was bad. Over the next few months i got much better at ignoring it.

      Recently, I noticed it was louder than normal one night and i was unable to mask it using my normal techniques and it nearly drove me crazy over the next few days.

      I went to my doc and was recommended to see a ENT doctor. I'm very very nervous that my condition will worsen with age and that I will not be able to cope this time around.

      To all you other T sufferers, you are NOT alone.

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      Hi Bron - I am a newbie on here if you see my introduction, similar things have happened to me. My Tinnitus clinic say my perception is that it is louder but it may not be just SEEMS to be because of increased focus. And even if it is louder it will settle, here's hoping mine and yours (and everyone else) will have a quieter time soon!!. Lots of support here lovely site.
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      Most likely hearing loss
      That is very true. As your perception changes so will your tinnitus. I am not sure if my tinnitus has changed the past couple of years but my attitude towards it has. And with the attitude change, the tinnitus is not nearly as intrusive.
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