Tinnitus and travelling

Discussion in 'Support' started by Riikka, Oct 25, 2013.

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      I will have a work related trip soon, and it will actually be the first trip since my T aggravated.

      I am now a bit worried how I will cope during the trip. For flying I think I will read the threads on this forum again. I usually use earplugs during flying and haven't had any problems with the pressure regulation, so I guess I will use them also this time.

      I am a bit worried about the sleeping part, though. I have always been a light sleeper and usually used earplugs whenever I sleep somewhere else than at home. Now my tinnitus got so loud that there is no way I can stand the earplugs. And I am still getting used to my increased T and not sleeping very well because of that.

      Do you have any recommendations for me how to improve my sleep during the trip and feel less anxious?
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      You can give melatonin a go!
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      Melatonin is good. Even more so when there's any jet lag.

      I'd take my laptop with me and listen to masking tracks using the integrated speakers. Some raining in the background does wonders (to me).

      Then again, I've always had trouble sleeping in new places while traveling. Before tinnitus, too. Usually more or less awake the first night and then dead tired the next day. The second night is usually better though.

      Hope your trip goes well.

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